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Yoga for Advent

Do you find yourself rushing headlong into Christmas in a fog of commercialism, tinsel and lights? I have found the perfect antidote for stressful Christmases - ADVENT!

Advent gives the invitation to slow down, step back and breathe! This year, my companion book is 'Path of Wonder' by Ellen Grace O'Brian. The book is proving to be a wonderfully thought provoking and stillness inducing aid as I make my way through December. My yoga practice is also impacted by Advent and my classes have focused on slowing down, listening to the body, moving from stillness and creating a sense of wonder at what our bodies can actually achieve when we treat them with kindness and attentiveness.

I will be taking a slightly longer break this Christmas to spend time with family and recharge my batteries!

Very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year! x

Class Dates:

Sunday Chair Yoga - Last class of 2022 - 11 December. New term starts 15 January 2023

Monday Evening Yoga - last class of 2022 - 12 December. New term starts 9 January 2023

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