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Happy New Year!

Although we are nearly a whole week into the New Year, there was something about today which felt like a fresh start. As I walked the dogs this morning, the Church bells were peeling, the sun was shining, the air was crisp and cold! Today, most people will turn off their Christmas lights for the last time until next December and tomorrow will be the start of the first full working week for many of us. As I prepared to return to teaching yoga I have been thinking about the purpose of Asana. There are so many reasons people practice yoga; for relaxation, flexibility, functional movement, maybe just for fun! They are all valid reasons for getting on the mat. Over the last couple of months, I have seen family members deeply affected by holding on to emotional pain or by working in ways that negatively impact their bodies. The physical pain we carry can have many causes, but supporting healthy, natural movement and working with the breath can help us learn about what nurtures us, what makes us strong and what helps counter the emotional and physical strain we face in everyday life. As I return to the mat as a teacher to start this New Year, I have reaffirmed why I do this - to help people know themselves a little better, to help us be a little more comfortable in our own bodies!

If you want to join this journey of self discovery, please do enquire about my classes, spaces are available in both my chair yoga class and mat based class

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