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Yoga for Peace

The images coming out of Ukraine at the moment are terrible and maybe you, like me feel helpless in the face of such overwhelming suffering. What, if anything, can yoga do to help? The Yama are the first of the eight limbs of yoga and the first of the Yama, Ahimsa, is often thought of as 'non violence', but it means more than that. TKV Desikachar in his book 'The Heart of Yoga' describes ahimsa as 'kindness, friendliness and thoughtful consideration of other people and things' Ahimsa also requires us to be kind to ourselves. Surely this is something these times need more than ever?

Jivana Heyman in his book 'Accessible Yoga' talks of yoga as a 'revolutionary practice' and a way to build community

If you use your practice to show compassion to yourself or as a way to build community, now seems a time when we are all in need of its radical kindness. Next week (Monday 14 March) my online class will be themed around Ahimsa and I will be asking participants to donate to one of the charities supporting those fleeing or staying in Ukraine (people and animals) rather than paying me for the session. It is a small thing, but lets all do one small thing and change the world

Image by Ahmed Zalabany via unsplash

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