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Community Yoga in Merstham

I came to yoga by accident. I had been working out at the gym and was looking for something a bit more chilled out to compliment my workouts. It has taken me a long time to move on from seeing yoga as a form of exercise to a way of life. Yoga provides us with a wonderful opportunity to learn how we really feel. It was only as I practiced that I came to realise I was disembodied - I could not connect to how my body was feeling. I now see this disembodiment as an issue for many of the people I work with in my other job as a Community Development Worker. Many of the people I have worked with suffer from chronic mental and physical ill health, many have become dependent on pain killers and are either hypersensitive to pain or totally desensitised to how they really feel. Through the wonderful work of Merstham Community Facility, I am looking forward to exploring yoga with people who might never have considered joining a class. If you live in the Merstham area, why not join me?

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My 88 year old Mum attends your class on sundays in Merstham and really enjoys herself

Me gusta
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