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Why becoming a yoga teacher made me hate yoga!

I loved yoga. It was my go-to destressing activity. I rocked up to a class and let myself be lead without really thinking about what I was doing! Then I had a great idea - why not turn my favourite hobby into my job - a win-win, surely?

Fast forward to two years later and I have a yoga website, a lovely shiny certificate, more yoga books than I ever realised existed and my love of yoga? It's complicated.

I love to learn, but the thing about learning is that you become aware of what you don't know. I have found the stress of trying to design a class has made yoga into 'work' and the overwhelming crushing feeling when no-one turns up for a class has impacted my confidence

But.... I still love yoga! I think it has so much to offer anyone who can see beyond the contortions you might see on Instagram and I believe there is a need for slow, mindful, intelligent yoga. I am taking a break from my open classes (I'm not sure anyone will notice!) to rebuild my personal practice. To find a way to communicate what I have learned in a way that will make sense to students

If you attend a class this week, be kind to your teacher! They are probably as full as angst as I am, but they have found the confidence to get up and share what they know and feel.

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