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Is your yoga truly accessible?

One of the most uncomfortable experiences I ever had in a yoga class was when a new student was asked to leave, the teacher telling her in a stage whisper that she 'didn't think she would be able to keep up with the class'. The crest-fallen student (who had spoken to the teacher about her health conditions at the start of the class, overheard by the rest of us) grabbed her things and left us to our class. I have recently started to teach a community class aimed at people who might not have thought yoga was for them. One of the comments in the feedback from today's session confirmed to me that the class is able to support the needs of the wide range of people attending:

lovely class - perfect for me. Effective enough, but gentle - so glad to have found a class that suits my needs

Scaravelli-inspired yoga is a wonderful method for engaging people with a range of abilities in a class where they can work together - everyone being 'good enough' and no one having to pack up their things and leave. If you have had an uncomfortable experience with a particular yoga teacher or style, don't give up! There are some amazing teachers out there and a growing movement around making yoga accessible to everyone and to every body!

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