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Balance your life!

The more I work with older people, the more I become convinced of the benefit of working on our physical balance. If you don't believe me, listen to Michael Mosely! BBC Radio 4 - Just One Thing - with Michael Mosley, Stand On One Leg

In a world where we have made all the surfaces we walk on flat and uniform and covered our feet in shoes that prevent them from sensing the ground, is it any wonder we see older people falling and suffering often life altering hip fractures?

I love exploring balance, in my yoga practice but also in my every day life. This week I have been kicking off my shoes and using fallen trees as balance beams (the dog joined in too!)

And one last thing to remember - balance is more than being able to stand on one leg, it's about emotional and mental balance, being in balance with the natural environment, balancing work, rest and play!

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